Travelling Exhibition Consulting


After a successful run in a gallery or museum, some exhibition organizers like to take them on the road. Whenever there is market potential, travelling (or touring)  exhibitions can become massive national, even worldwide hits.

Types of projects piloted by Habo:

New ideas emerge all the time in the creative and arts world, but how many of them have a real revenue potential is oftentimes difficult to determine. Our teams can deploy a selection of tools and techniques to get the answers our clients need before investing more of their time and expenses.

In keeping with the notion that ideas flourish daily, but few prosper, Habo can help clients ascertain the value of intellectual properties before they make an offer. While some may speak to your heart, convincing a paying audience to follow may abide by another set of rules entirely. 

Once an idea for an exhibition has found traction, maybe even a venue and a structure, clients can sometimes require a boost in the overall organization. Habo consultants are on hand to elaborate a clear, step-by-step business plan, to be executed alternatively with or without our help. Habo’s excellence resides in deployable business models and strategies, irrespective of the project’s stage of development.

If a client has decided to make the leap to bring their exhibition abroad, convinced of the strength of their offering, they may not grasp all the intricacies of the market. Habo works with renowned specialists in a variety of fields and regions; organizations can count on us to streamline their work and processes when diving into unknown markets around the world.

Most often, getting an idea off the ground requires real investment, both for preparation, installation and marketing. While our clients may want to put in the time, investors are regularly needed to put in the money. Habo can guide your organization in the best ways to pitch your ideas to sponsors and philanthropists, and hopefully walk away successful from such a meeting.

Travelling Exhibition Case Studies :