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Technology, by its very definition, is innovative and aims to shake up the status quo. As a tech product or service emerges from its development stage, its originators become aware of its potential to change the way people work or play. Our expert consultants can tailor their advice to your needs, irrespective of the stage of your project or its life cycle.

Our technology consulting services for high-tech companies:

At Habo, we help companies develop bespoke strategies that make an impact and can help them maintain their edge.

So many tech products were seen as innovative, but recognized as ahead of their time, even for early adopters. As a client may approach Habo with something radically new, we can investigate whether the market is ripe for it, ready to receive it. Sometimes even the best ideas can come at a bad time, and our insight will tell you that.

User-friendliness is crucial for market readiness and long-term acceptance, so Habo can assist clients in optimizing their product functions. With specific tools and end-user interviews, we can draw out a clearer path to improvement before a potential launch.

Another key to success is knowing your competitors and the market in which you intend to invest your time and resources. At Habo, we can undertake a full research investigation into the market your technology product or service will need to navigate. 

Case Studies: Technology Consulting

Technology consultants

At Habo, our experienced consultants can set out a series of steps that will help in making our client’s technological innovation ready for market. Our consulting clients may need help rethinking and executing their company’s capital structure. Alternatively, an emerging company will need to scale their processes and reach greater levels of profitability (growth strategy). Our team has an array of skills ranging from business skills to communication skills. Technology companies face complex business challenges and our team will find helpful solutions (decisions to actions, insights to action) in order to achieve their business goals.


Every single tech company needs to face the challenges brought upon by the digital revolution. Constant innovation is intrinsic to their business model, and they sometimes need guidance in order to keep engaging with customers, and ultimately, keeping their profits healthy.


However, history is rife with examples, in the technology industry, of tech that wasn’t quite ready to launch, that didn’t have the proper technology expertise or didn’t meet its targeted audience, or simply came too soon, with broad rejection following bad customer experience. With a combination of experience and expertise, our professional services in consulting cover a variety of sectors, and can enable your business to plan for success.


We advise clients in all areas of technology, touching on a wide array of product and service segments: software, hardware, IT services and infrastructure, AI companies, consumer electronics, telecommunications, ecommerce/digital.