Museum Consulting Firm


At Habo, we have had the privilege of assisting cultural institutions and museums around the world in achieving their business goals. When visitor numbers are waning, there is usually an identifiable reason; our research will detect it. If a museum wishes to know if their exhibition has potential outside their city, or even country, our data will provide the answer.

At every stage, the tools and knowhow Habo puts in place to establish a strategic plan, whether they be for the business in general, its marketing, or its financials, our clients can rest assured they will be tailored to their needs and expectations.

Types of services for museum consulting:

Our clients in the cultural world vary enormously, so a strategic plan will necessarily be designed for their specific needs. Our deployable advice 

While art museums and galleries simply need to convey emotion, others, such as science museums, have a role to play in educating or sensibilizing their visitors. Checking up on whether their audience understood their exhibition and installations is crucial for further improvement, most notably if they wish to bring it on tour.

The public’s thirst for new things to see and discover is seemingly unquenchable. Nonetheless, faced with multiple ideas and concepts, a museum may need to know what path to take. Habo is available to help do the testing and market research.

While their financing may be different to other businesses, the bottom line is still important. A viable project needs a real strategy to succeed in the long-run. We can help draw up detailed strategies for a more efficient use of clients’ resources.

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