Marketing research

marketing research

At Habo, we differentiate marketing research and pure market analysis. Indeed, if a client wishes to undertake a global market analysis, within the various processes and types of market research we do, marketing research could potentially be required. 

The result of our research will lead to a different set of data, and ultimately, a modification in the planning approach in order to properly execute its business strategy.


Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal – and maximize the profitable use of – the data appropriate to their situation.

We do this by:

  • Conducting performance surveys, both pre and post marketing campaigns. 
  • Researching new markets and understanding them for new product or service offering.
  • Surveys – web panels – one-on-one, focus groups, individual interviews, ethnographic marketing.

How we can help

A strategic planner or agency is ideally someone with the tools and know how to look at a business – whatever the field it may be in – and establish a step-by-step plan for greater success based on its strengths and the characteristics of the market.

Targeting customers and markets

A company needs to know the image it has, what opinion its customers have of it, and initiate a conversation with them to figure out what they expect.


  • Brand Image and perception  

We assist our clients through profound analysis of their brand image and performance in a given market. This enables them to decide whether and where to launch a product, be it a current product in a new market, or an altogether new product.

  • Understanding the consumer

Our consumer research includes analyzing and understanding a brand’s target audiences, while testing new audiences, namely their reaction to new concepts. Our clients may need to know customers’ attitude towards their product or service, how they use their products, and we bring them this insight through precise analysis.

  • Research into market potential  

Habo can assist companies in identifying the market potential of their new products or services. Our hypothesis testing in conjunction with business knowledge, will deliver the data on which our clients can make a clear decision.


Marketing Research Case studies

Our team has a wide variety of specialized skills and expertise for success:

  • Crucial industry knowledge of industry standards
  • Insight and analytical Skills
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Business World experience and international business practices
  • Core business knowledge
  • Current business trends 
  • Business success strategies

Our other areas of expertise.