Market analysis

market analysis

A solid market analysis is anchored into strong insight into markets, competitors, consumers and other important dimensions of the market.

  • How suitable is your value proposition for a certain market?
  • How large and extensive is the market potential?
  • What is the optimal way to launch a new product or service?


A comprehensive market analysis will answer these important questions and serve as a basis for more informed decision-making. The result will also help establish possible business and marketing strategies for your organization.

Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal the data appropriate to their situation. In turn, they can exploit this information and undertake enlightened decision-making. Our market analytics includes:

  • Analyzing the competitive landscape, market trends and market dynamics.

  • Validating consumer interest for concepts via quantitative or qualitative research

  • Defining strategic positioning based on market data and consumer insights

  • Developing a business model and/or financial model.  


How Habo can help with market analysis

  1. Validating market potential 

An idea or a concept is the first step, but an organization needs to validate whether it has potential for consumer demand. Habo has developed methodologies and tools to  investigate the market potential, and at a later stage, draw up a plan of action to launch it.

The analysis of the market and the competitive environment as well as the industry trends is done alongside an investigation into consumer interest and behaviour. Determining whether there is potential for the idea, is provided by the intersection of these two dimensions. 


2. Defining optimal market positioning of a product or service 

Any product or service, no matter how innovative, may have difficulty reaching its target market. Primarily, you need to identify said market and figure out how to position your company within it. Before undertaking the analysis of your market positioning, a deeper understanding of the current offerings is required.


With this insight, Habo can pinpoint the optimal positioning for your company’s product or service. Concurrent to their market positioning, we can study how to render them as attractive as possible. 

However, any project has to be realistic, and profitable, therefore we assist in drawing up a financial model, and later a business plan, to ensure your product finds an audience.


3. Repositioning of a value proposition

Any company has a key product or service, which sometimes simply needs a nudge to be better repositioned. Habo can determine, through market insight and discussion with the client, in which direction the value proposal needs to move to find its ideal positioning. 

Most value proposals have to be approached with a critical eye, in order to validate their rationale or purpose, thereby finding their potential on a given market.


4. Monetization strategy

If a company wishes to branch out into other sectors, leveraging their brand equity, we can serve as a guide. Habo will analyze the market to see whether – and what – they could bring to new markets under their brand-name. 

Industry outlook and market analysis usually take on the form of consumer research and also the study of competitors (entertainment industry leaders) that have had success pulling off something similar.


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