Location based entertainment consulting

Broadway show

Behind this cumbrous term lies a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry that usually caters to families and groups. 

What is location based entertainment ?

In a nutshell, it comprises places where people go to be entertained that do not fall into the traditional categories of theatres, cinemas, concert halls etc. 


Shopping centres and malls are examples of location based entertainment, as they regroup a number of attractions and distractions under one roof. One may include restaurants, fountains, light shows, temporary shows and exhibitions in that list. 


What doesn’t change is the need for decision-makers to select attractions, products, or services that will attract a chosen target market. Habo is available to assist them in their tactical and strategic decisions.

What services Habo can provide for LBE ?

Location-based entertainment can benefit hugely from data-driven insight into its customers’ behaviour and habits. Habo has the tools and technology to garner the information you need to make clear-minded decisions.

When faced with doubts as to the viability of a new idea for LBE – this could be the desire to expand an existing project, or setting up an entirely new one.

If an LBE is already firmly established but wishes to branch out by leveraging the power of an intellectual property, Habo can determine its potential for success.

Once new LBE concepts have been approved, the next stage is a solid business plan, which Habo can develop with your executive team, offering deployable solutions at every stage.

Many successful LBEs have expanded to other areas under the franchise model, in which Habo has years of expertise. When well executed, franchises can be a great way to guarantee ROI and the long-term profitability of an LBE group.

A client may have all the elements in hand for an excellent LBE, but they may still require financial backing; Habo’s analyses and insight will certainly help with the positioning and a successful sales pitch.

Habo can bring fresh ideas and new direction to your brand.

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