Lifestyle Marketing Consulting


The term “Lifestyle” encapsulates a wide variety of companies such as restaurants and bars, but also spas, hotels and other services that offer clients a bit of R&R. As such, due to its immense range, the lifestyle sector is worth billions worldwide. A well-designed lifestyle marketing strategy can ensure the long-term success of your company.

Habo services for lifestyle companies:

1. Analysis of the health and performance of a lifestyle brand

As with most products that touch on personal preference, brand identity is an important factor in clients decision-making process. Our teams at Habo have the tools to measure precisely and analyze the performance of your brand, which may help in better positioning it for the future. 

2. Customer insights and understanding client segments

Lifestyle companies are often restricted to niche areas, and as a consequence can profit from knowing their clientele with precision. Our data collection will provide you with clear insight for improved understanding of your current and potential clients.  

3. Developing a lifestyle brand and marketing strategy. 

 The logical sequence of data-gathering and analysis is application and execution. Habo is proud to offer marketing strategies that are consistent and readily deployable.

4. Developing a new business model or optimization of a pre-existing business model

While your lifestyle company may be running smoothly, sometimes things need a little boost to become optimal. Habo can help with improving the business model, thus bringing you better long-term results.

5. Developing a financial model 

So you have the business basics, with a clientele present and eager to purchase your product. However, financially speaking, it may still require refining. Habo experts have the knowhow to adjust your financial model, thus ensuring the continued growth of your company.

Case studies

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