Gaming Consulting Firm - Habo

Gaming Consulting Firm - Habo

The video gaming industry is a multibillion dollar industry that employs some of the best designers, game developers and programmers in the world. As such, the challenges and obstacles cannot be taken lightly; real strategies for the gaming markets are essential for gaming studios to keep reaching their audiences, and to keep producing inventive, exciting new game titles.  

Habo’s gaming consulting expertise

As a gaming consulting firm, our team has a deep understanding of the gaming ecosystem. The extensive use of all the marketing research tools and technologies at our disposal brings you insight and eminently deployable strategies for your business development.

As new ideas are begotten all the time in the arts and entertainment industries, so do they in the video game business sector. Habo can help determine whether there is market potential for a new concept, saving studios and gaming companies time and expenses.

While gamer profiles remain anonymous, they provide real insight into the market as a whole. Habo parses through the raw data to bring clients a clear picture of the state of the industry in a given province or country.

As most video game platforms compile statistics on their customers’ gaming habits, Habo can dive into the data to establish user profiles. This is a rich source of vital information to help steer a video game company in a new direction and draw up a coherent strategy plan for business development.

How to best exploit the value of an intellectual property in relation to the market or markets. By identifying the potential, clients can then engage and aim for the right market for their offering.

Video game consulting - Case Studies

An association for the video game sector wanted to identify promising markets worldwide for video games from Quebec. We set about doing a survey of gaming studios in the province, along with a market study of the 40 most promising markets. A survey of the 5 most promising markets for Quebecian offers, thus identifying optimization avenues.

Validating the value proposition of an organization in the video games’ sector, and setting up the required marketing strategy as a consequence of the data results.

A video game company needed to know more about its target market and how to aim it with its offerings.