Family entertainment strategic planning

Family entertainment strategic planning

With the growing desire of families to spend quality time together, entertainment companies have begun to adapt their offer. We have seen the emergence in the last few years of family entertainment centres quickly evolve into a boom. Differentiated offers mean that families can come to one place and enjoy themselves – and each other’s company – for a whole day. 

Once the families are captive – and captivated – there is strong income potential. As it stands, in our modern routines, people tend to have limited time rather than financial resources. So they are usually more than happy to spend a little bit extra to create memories with their loved-ones – if the offer is compelling enough.

Habo is here to assist family entertainment companies with strategic planning and get the best out of their investment. Our insights are consistently data-driven, and clients come away with realistic, actionable strategic plans.  

Habo services for family entertainment centres

An innovation idea for an FEC can go a long way. Our team can help you evaluate just how far it could go, in what geographical markets, and in what target age-groups and categories.

With multiple opportunities to buy the rights to diverse intellectual properties, our clients may need to determine which one has the best potential as an FEC. Habo can gather the data and bring the insight to steer such an important decision.

Once an idea for an FEC is validated on all points, Habo can also guide the executive team with a research-driven business plan. After conducting whatever analyses may be necessary, our experts are able to draw up deployable steps towards success.

If an FEC reaches a level of success for its owners, they may opt to expand into other cities and regions; Habo can assist in ascertaining the viability of such a move.

Great ideas become great projects once they find the right team and the necessary financing. Habo’s communication skills and tools are there to guide executives through the pitch process, and ultimately help convince investors to bankroll your project.

Some FEC groups may require a reorientation of their brand and marketing strategies to try to recapture market share. The Habo team understands it’s not always easy to take a step and see the bigger picture, so working with us can be fruitful and a source of fresh ideas.

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