Broadway Consulting

Broadway show

Flashing lights and massive billboards: Broadway shows are on a whole other level in the domain of live entertainment. Successful shows can run for years, whereas others can crash and lose millions. 

How Habo can help with a Broadway show

Preparing and financing a Broadway show takes not only time and money, but a lot of talent, both on-stage and backstage. Habo has developed a set of research strategies to make sure that your project can excel in the extremely demanding world of live shows. 


We have 5 specialty services for our Broadway clients:

The main type of adaptation is from film to stage. Producers have a huge incentive to ride the wave of highly successful films that benefit from massive followings and great notoriety. Crucial for success, is properly measuring how free the transfer can be creatively speaking, and its general degree of acceptance by the public. 

Habo can verify if there is really an audience for the concept, and its potential. This can require a number of different techniques, such as focus groups and investigation into market trends, among others.

If a client needs to know how its show performed, we garner a number of tools to bring them a clear picture of their business. Habo experts use data analysis, conduct focus groups, and elaborate surveys to get these essential answers.

With an eye to bringing the best product to market, to the eyes of an ever-increasingly demanding audience, Habo can conduct pre-tests and post-tests. These can give producers a clearer picture of what the spectators have come to expect…or to the contrary, what will awe them completely.

Our team can assist in creating a viable business plan, for projects that already benefit from financing, or those that need to procure funds to move forward. Additionally, we can delve into the evaluation of the market potential of intellectual properties wishing to expand on their brand.

A great way of getting qualitative information directly from those who would most likely be interested in a new Broadway offering, is sitting down and discussing it. Focus groups are made up of specially selected members of the public based on their required profile. This could mean talking to keen show-goers, or members of the general public, if a show needs to reach the greatest possible audience. 

Case studies

Habo has ample experience in Broadway consulting, as shown in this list of projects we’ve undertaken in the past: