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The art market is worth billions worldwide, with the largest share of that in the United States and Canada. Habo’s art industry consultants can help address the inherent challenges faced, and provide companies from the arts industry with a viable plan of action.

Our services geared toward the arts & culture industry

Our art business consulting experts in the arts industry can provide any production company, gallery, museum or cultural organization with concrete advice and art marketing strategies that will bring in an audience (audience development).

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Museums institutions


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Habo has had the privilege of assisting cultural institutions and museums around the world in achieving their business goals. When visitor numbers are waning, there is usually an identifiable reason; our research will detect it. If a museum wishes to know if their exhibition has potential outside their city, or even country, our data will provide the answer.

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Travelling exhibition


Broadway show

After a successful run in a gallery or museum, some exhibition organizers like to take them on the road. Whenever there is market potential, touring exhibitions can become massive national, even worldwide hits. Habo can assist organizers in identifying the opportunities and pitfalls of a touring exhibition.

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Events and festivals


Events and festivals Habo

Festivals and events have the capacity to draw huge crowds over a reduced period of time. The road to success starts off with deciding on a compelling theme to attract clients, after which a strategy can be formulated. As a festival consultant, Habo has the tools to guide you towards the results you want and expect: successful events.

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Film, VFX, animation


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As an expert in the realm of the creative arts and industry, Habo also enjoys a firm footing in the world of consulting for films and cinema. We can guide your creative idea, and make sure it meets its audience, ensuring success and further creation down the line. 

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Broadway show

Flashing lights and massive billboards: Broadway shows are on a whole other level in the domain of live entertainment. Successful shows can run for years, whereas others can crash and lose millions.


Habo knows how to listen to your needs and follow through with in-depth research and data finding, to finish off with an actionable solution. Habo focuses on solutions that can be deployed by you directly, or with the assistance of external specialists

In every case, you’ll come away from a consultation with us with a plan of action to further the success of your original idea for better market performance.

Over the years, the Habo team has focused its knowhow on these categories, with an emphasis on the following specializations:


Case Studies: Arts and Culture Industry

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