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Everyone has enjoyed a live show, musical, theatre, concert or sports game at one point in their lives. But few think of the strategy and preparation that goes into a success event to make it highly memorable moment for all participants. 


However, reaching that degree of perfection requires careful planning, which usually comes as a result of years of experience.


The entertainment industry is complex and full of intangibles, requiring an in-depth understanding of its dynamics and its consumers.

Our services geared toward the live entertainment industry

At Habo, we have long grasped the specifics pertaining to live entertainment, with a deep expertise on industry trends and innovations and with our analytical expertise. 


We can help creators, producers and operators excel, wherever it stands in the industry, and even in sectors that don’t yet exist or could be considered hybrid.


We have developed an in-depth expertise of the following sectors.

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fleche habo Events and Festivals

Events and festivals Habo

Summer festivals and wintertime events, all vying to find their place in the calendar. We can ensure your live entertainment project finds its spot with market strategies.

fleche habo Broadway shows

Broadway show

Massive theatre productions have real earning potential, but have a narrow window in which to prove their worth. We can bring out the best in your project.

fleche haboSports

Sports Habo

From filling up stadiums, all the way down to an event in the backwoods, the range of sports events is ever-expanding, and their audiences with them.


Our entertainment consulting company listen attentively to your requirements and follow through with in-depth research and data finding, to finish off with a delivered product that is actionable by the client. We take pride in making sure that our solutions can be deployed by you directly, or with the assistance of our outside partners. 

In every case, you’ll come away from a consultation with us with a plan of action to further the success of your original idea for better market performance.

Over the years, the Habo team has focused its knowhow on these categories, with an emphasis on the following specializations:


Live Entertainment Case Studies