Financial strategy

strategic planning

Basically, Habo experts aim to ensure that clients maintain a regular financial supply to fulfill their current and future requirements. 

The goal is to help clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal – and maximize the profitable use of – the data appropriate to their situation. This is acheived by :

  • Dealing with the availability of financial sources, their utilization and strategic management of funds.
  • Analyzing a company’s costs structure, estimating its profit potential, reviewing its accounting structure. 
  • Making sure the company’s financial management is aligned with the business objectives, thus ensuring it maintains a strategic advantage

How we can help

Habo has a multimodal approach to financial strategy and strategic financial planning

While all the projects undertaken are distinctly bespoke and depend on the specific needs of the client, general lines can be traced for various strategies.

 The main types of strategic plans by Habo are as follows:

1. Financial Modelling

Creating a financial model for companies that require assistance in estimating their revenues and future costs pertaining to a new organization or product. We can help set up tools to help read the financial statistics of the company. 


2. Business modelling 

We can draw up a business model to serve as a guidebook to not only the companies, but also their stakeholders. Having a clear idea of the objectives of an organization and a deeper understanding of their financial goals is vital on more than one level. 


3. Revenue and profit estimation 

This is specially important for companies wishing to expand into new markets; we can help identify more precisely the economic benefits of a service or product in a specific region, to further your company goals.  


4. Fusions and acquisitions strategy 

Being bought over or, conversely, buying out another company, is usually one of the most delicate periods for a company. With that in mind, we can accompany them in their fusions and acquisitions strategy, which is complemented by a revision of their internal structure with a view to optimizing synergies. 

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