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Any and every kind of entertainment project can find an audience. If you come up with the idea, Habo can come up with a way to make it an audience success. What’s needed is a great, data-driven strategy, and clear insight into whatever the target markets may be.


Our experts have the knowledge and background to provide clients with clear solutions and easily deployable measures. Our core nucleus of specialists in the entertainment industries, and whenever necessary, we reach out to independent experts. 

Whatever the requirements of your entertainment business, Habo will guarantee it receives them, concisely and clearly, for the assured success of your venture.

Our services geared toward the live entertainment industry

Project ideas can take on different forms, and may not fit in any of the classic categories. Because of the way we work, we can undertake any business idea and guide our clients along an open and clearly lit path. 

With all the most modern research tools at our disposal, an accurate picture of the market at a given time can be taken, and help you decide what direction to follow. Our research will lead to a comprehensive analysis of the data, with which we can orient your organization with sensible, justified and deployable solutions. 

Our expertise has been applied to diverse attractions, such as the following:

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Museums and Cultural Institutions

Events and festivals Habo

Habo has had the privilege to assist and pilot projects for art galleries and museums at every level. We have experts that are particularly attuned to this sector of the cultural world, and we can help your organization achieve success in the field.

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Traveling Exhibitions


Broadway show

When an exhibition has proven its worth, perhaps having extended its run due to popular demand, its organizers can feasibly think of bringing it on the road. The Habo team can help determine whether there is real potential for it outside its original market, and sometimes even abroad.

fleche haboFamily Entertainment Centers


Sports Habo

The latest and greatest addition to urban and periurban attractions are centers that cater to each member of the family. Hugely successful in some markets, they require careful planning and a solid strategy to meet their clientele. 

Over the years, the Habo team has focused its knowhow on these categories, with an emphasis on the following specializations:


Case studies

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