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The world of creativity has taken a digital turn in the last 2 decades, with the advent of mobile technologies, alongside a boom in personal computers. Nowadays, creative industries more often than not provide projects and artworks in digital form. Habo is here to help your company tap into these vast new markets.

Our services geared toward creative and digital industries

Be it video creation, music production, video gaming, or even 2D artwork made entirely on a computer, digital creativity has grown to incorporate all types of intellectual property. Recently, digital creators have taken a new tangent to guarantee the value of their original work through the use of NFTs. 

In this brave new world, Habo has a firm handle on the innovations that keep emerging and follows trends closely. This ensures that whatever digital project a client may wish to initiate, our team of consultants will find the right strategy and best way forward. 

Here’s how:    

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  • Strategic planning 

Our plans for clients from the world of creative and digital media aim to bring them excellent results in simple to deploy actions. When clients come to Habo for solutions, our team of experts does its utmost to decipher their needs; the resulting strategic plan is tailored to the company’s requirements. 


  • Market research 

Before diving head first into a domain where appreciation, enjoyment, and taste are so subjective, an in-depth look at the market can be of use. Habo gathers and wields all the tools needed to give the client a clear picture of their market before further investment.


  • Financial strategy 

In order to successfully pull off an event in the arts sphere, our clients may require a guiding hand with its financial viability. Our financial know-how can give your organization a more solid footing, ensuring that a venture has enough capital to start, and healthy revenue predictions to continue for its duration.


  • Marketing strategy

Any digital artwork or venture should go hand-in-hand with a coherent creative digital marketing strategy. Knowing one’s target market, grasping the subtleties of a project – be they opportunities or weaknesses – becomes essential for determining an astute marketing strategy. Through our advice on marketing strategies, Habo endeavours to bring confidence and assurance to clients going forward on their creative digital projects.


  • Marketing research

As a creative digital marketing agency, Habo has mastered the use of analytical tools and methods to offer our clients the most precise data available. When conducting market research, we strive to make it as thorough and comprehensive as possible, so as to avoid companies any surprises. With accurate information comes clear-headed decision-making, and we hope to bring that possibility to our clients at all times.

Over the years, the Habo team has focused its knowhow on these categories, with an emphasis on the following specializations:


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